Access to Quality Early Education

As a dual generation strategy, TLC aims to partner parenting education for adults with increased access to quality early education for their children.  We seek community partners to leverage scholarship funds increasing participating families’ access to quality preschool.  This strategy not only provides young children with access to quality early education, but also provides an opportunity for parents to pursue education themselves, resulting in positive educational outcomes for two generations.

Arizona Community Foundation of Flagstaff funded initial scholarships for parents participating in TLC programs to access quality early education for their children. Currently, FUSD and TLC are implementing this dual generation strategy in partnership.  FUSD directs funds to ensure low income families have access to quality preschool, and Transformative Learning Center engages their families in our Family Development Course.  We are currently seeking funding to sustain and expand this strategy, including securing TLC scholarship funds, as well as, continuing to advocate locally for increased access to quality preschool.